I Got to Meet 3 Young Inspiring Women

Hi again! Last Saturday I was scrolling down my Eventbrite app, and find a quite interesting event nearby at Kemang, South Jakarta on Sunday, April 25th, 2016. I went there and find out that it is a talkshow about finding our role as a woman for family, society and for Indonesia. Three young speakers consecutively share their thoughts and experience about their life and business journey on that morning, here they are.

  1. Dita Fridianti (di-ta.com), Founder of Difa Oral Health Center (difaoralhealthcenter.com)

Dita said that you have to be careful of what you wish for, because it really is happened to her. The Difa Oral Health Center is the product of what she aforementioned years before. Not sure what she want to do after 10 years of dentist school, she saw a sign for a change in her life, which is her mom was very supportive of her oral health clinic idea rather than any other ideas she ever had. Then she gathered some of  her friends, offering them partnership, and then launching the Difa OHC dentist clinic. She further remarks that we better off plunge ourself into our dream business, make mistakes, and learn from that mistakes, rather than go back-and-forth doubting yourself and never begin to start.


2. Nike Prima, Founder of livingloving.net.

Nike is a mom who had a diverse job experience before she found livingloving.net with her work partner, Miranti. She isn’t too fond of the idea of brainstorming. Allegedly she recommended the use of a visualized concept rather than tons of spoken ideas on a brainstorming session. Good point I think. We can avoid time wasted uttering things and just get straight to the printed concept that can be seen and discussed.

Furthermore, she stated that a dream job is still a job. In fact, one of the hardest thing to do is to find the right partner to help you work it. She then added a very clever tips to sort it out: you can collaborate with your potential partner in a one-stop-project to find out his/her ways of working. Are you completing each other’s weaknesses, or are you weakening each other? A one-stop-project would give you a clue to answer those question before you failed your undelved partnership.


3. Manda Kumala, Founder of Kartika Jaya Catering (facebook.com/kartikajayacatering).

Similar with Dita, Manda also states that what has spoken in the past is what is going to happen in the future. She believes that if you intensify your worship to Allah, such as pray tahajud and 6 rakaah dhuha, accelerated outcome will transpire.

Sitting from the left to right: Widya (moderator), Dita Fridianti, Manda Kumala, and Nike Prima 

The one thing in common spoken by the three speakers is that you just have to jump and make your dream come true. Just jump and be brave!

Thanks for the goodie bag!

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