Riding Cute Ponies at Branchsto

Hi guys! How are you? Do you happen to know a place called Branchsto? I went there last Friday, which was a long weekend from Thursday until Sunday, with my big family (excluding my husband). I found out that it is a great holiday destination with lots of ponies you and your kids can ride, and a nice restaurant where you can have some food while enjoying the view. Best if you can be there before 8 am at weekends since the place is quite new and very little Indonesians have seen ponies before. Curiosity at its max.

image2 (2)
My beautiful mom queueing for pony riding tickets for her grandchildren at 7.47 am in the morning. 
We sneaked in before the place opened at 8 am.
image1 (8)
You can ride this big pony for Rp100.000 (US$7) or a big horse for Rp50.000 (US$3.5), and your kids can ride a little pony for Rp25.000 (US$1.75) per ticket.


Lilan riding a pony for the first time.
So does her lil’ brother.
image4 (1)
Hi Pap! 
Auntie’s riding time!

It was a fun experience for the whole family and the kids were totally enjoying their time. They went here and there telling us to see this and that. In fact, we were still steamed-up we then prolong our trip to accommodate our energy. Shortly after Branchsto, we went to the nearest park and then went ice skating at Bintaro Xchange Mall. I wonder if the ponies gave some of their sprightly energy to whoever riding them. Cause we feel so alive all day long!!! Yiiihaaaa!!!





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